Online Retail Marketing Strategy: Tap into Mobile Traffic to Improve

Local Online Retail Marketing

Several times today someone in your area did a search for a local retail business just like yours.

If your company engages in online retail marketing, then you may have gained a new customer when this happened. If not, then you may have driven that person directly into the arms of your competitor.

Local Retail Marketing OnlineThese local searchers are often low hanging fruit. They are specifically looking for your products or services. They just need to find a place to purchase. The key is to show up prominently when and where they are searching. The sooner you get in the online retail marketing game, the better. Search engines reward sites with “history” on the web. By getting there faster than the other guys, you’ll already have a leg up.

But what if your competitors are already up and running with an online retail marketing strategy? Don’t worry. History is just one factor. You can help draw attention to your business through a variety of local internet marketing techniques, one of which is by gearing your online retail marketing strategy towards mobile users.

Can Mobile Really Make a Difference for Retail Marketing Online?

Recently, I did an experiment to see how many of my retail clients could truly benefit from a mobile audience. I started by setting up an ad campaign strictly for mobile search. The goal was to see how the results of the local marketing campaign differed from laptop and desktop search.

I was shocked by how many people were clicking on the ads. It was clear that local customers are active and engaged on mobile – which means that it’s important to consider finding a place for mobile in all areas of your local internet marketing.

What kind of local retail marketing online strategies can be effective?

Create a mobile-only ad campaign. If you already have a PPC online retail marketing strategy, make sure that mobile-only ads are included. You can test what works best specifically for this audience, making it easier for them to get directed to the most mobile-friendly areas of your website.

Get listed in local business directories. When developing an online retail marketing strategy for mobile, sites like Yelp, Google+ Local, and CitySearch should be a part of your plan. Why? Because these business directory sites offer mobile apps that make it easy for people to locate your local retail store  when they’re out and about – and ready to shop! It’s an easy, cost-effective way to get yourself out there on the mobile web.

Create a mobile website. Not all sites are easy to read on a smartphone. In fact, many of them are incredibly difficult to navigate. Many retail businesses benefit from putting together a smaller version of their website that at least contains basic information about who they are, what they provide, and, most importantly, where they are. These mobile sites are common with all the SEO websites we build that are Responsive sites (meaning they scale dynamically accross tablets and smartphones).

Of course, mobile is just one way you can do things differently from your competitors to get a leg up in local retail marketing online. In my next blog, I’ll discuss more innovative strategies that can be effective at driving traffic to your location.

Posted: 2/10/2014 9:45:01 AM by Shep Morrow