Local Internet Marketing for Real Estate Offices: Generate More Leads

Local Internet Marketing for Real Estate Offices

There’s no doubt about it: the process of buying and selling real estate is becoming increasingly digital.

The facts and figures speak for themselves.

  • Over 85% of real estate transactions start online.
  • 92% of homebuyers used the Internet as an information source
  • 75% of Internet homebuyers drove by or viewed a home they saw online
  • 43% of buyers first found their home on the Internet
  • 50% of For Sale By Owners used the Internet to help sell their home
The question is: are you keeping pace with the changes? It’s more important than ever before to ensure your real estate office is highly visible on the internet.

Potential buyers search for information on neighborhoods and available properties long before they enlist the help of an agent, and you’re more likely to sign their business if you’re prominent in those local search results.

And potential sellers expect that you’ll leverage the latest technologies to get seen by these buyers. If your own internet presence is subpar, they’ll move on to someone who is more tech-savvy.

So where do you start?

Develop a Strong Internet Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Office

When searching for an internet marketing expert, you want to look for someone who has specific experience with not just search engine optimization – but local search engine optimization.

While some of the strategies are the same, the approach is different. You don’t just want anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate; you want people who are looking to buy or sell real estate in your local area.

A hyper local search engine optimization strategy takes this one step further. It focuses on even more specific locations to ensure you’re actually seen, and not being lost in a more crowded market. For instance, instead of a focus on “Los Angeles Real Estate,” a hyper local strategy would focus on specific cities and neighborhoods in the area, such as “Burbank Los Angeles Real Estate” and “Culver City Los Angeles Real Estate.”

Both local and hyper local internet marketing strategies should aim to get you on the first page for relevant search terms related to your location as well as a wide range of map and directory sites where people are searching for real estate agents. A focus on building your local presence produces results.
In fact, you can often see those results in just a very short time.

  • One real estate company saw a 39% year-on-year monthly increase in New Visitors in the first 45 days.
  • A single real estate office location saw 700 page views after optimizing just two pages on an existing website.
But that’s just the start. Real estate offices can leverage a wide variety of online marketing strategies to connect with more buyers and sellers, including:
  • Pay-Per-Click Management
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing
When optimized and properly managed, these internet marketing tools can be a lead generation machine for you, regularly providing you with potential buyers and sellers to turn into satisfied clients.  
Posted: 6/24/2014 10:50:32 AM by Shep Morrow