Case Study: Service Business

Shepard Morrow, Your Sales Process Consultant

Sales Process and Internet Marketing

The evolution of Internet marketing as a method of building brands and growing company sales continues to accelerate. Marketers, retailers and service businesses must understand the need to incorporate the digital experience into their efforts to reach customers and win them as loyal brand participants, before the competition does.

Allen Thomas, president-partner of New Jersey Analytical Laboratories (NJAL), first talked to Shepard Morrow, the principal at Location Traffic, with the intent of refreshing the NJAL Web site. “Initially, I was just looking for a better Web site,” said Thomas. “I really didn’t have a clear understanding of what Internet marketing was about and how it could help me.”
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                                March 14, 2012____CASE STUDY_____


Posted: 3/14/2012 12:38:26 PM by Shep Morrow