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Realign Costs to Revenue through Sales Process Improvements

Quote Small Business ConsultingIf we think of a businesses success as relying on satisfying customer needs, and who can argue this is critical, there is no more important aspect of operations than the sales and order fulfillment functions that make up the sales process. As organizations grow, they need to continuously analyze and refine their processes to ensure they are doing business as effectively and efficiently as possible. Fine-tuning processes can give an organization a competitive advantage. Process improvement initiatives, however, require a commitment, and this is difficult for most businesses to consider in the daily routine of "getting the work" done. This where our small business consulting services come in.

A company's sales process should generate Inquiries.Sales Process Improvement

Process improvement is a strategy and a tool to help an organization meet its long term goals and objectives. One key goal for all organizations is to meet the needs of their clients. Clients’ needs change – whether due to economic conditions, competitive offerings, or shifting demographics. Continuously reviewing processes for potential improvements and efficiencies enables companies to adapt effectively to their clients’ changing needs.

Sometimes improving one process may inadvertently have an adverse affect on other processes. For example, let’s say a company changes its lead generation method. Once that process is improved, it becomes apparent that the improvement in that process has created higher call volume and an increased need for taking orders on the phone. A project management approach would address such issues as part of the process mapping plan, and the order taking process would have been reviewed as an extension of the sales order process. Or, the initial project would have been assessed to determine if making changes to the sales order process would be beneficial to the company as a whole, given investments needed for other parts of the company.

Location Traffic's Small Business Consulting Services can guide you through defining a sales process and integrating the internet into that process as an automated Lead Generation system

Small Business Consulting and Internet ROI

An increase in Web traffic is just the beginning, that web traffic goes through a Sales Funnel on the website, to enable the visitor's themselves to further qualify themself, and become a Lead.

Next is where our expertise in Consulting with businesses and using the Internet for lead generation and conversions came into play. We look at the entire sales process and each touchpoint is an opportunity for business marketing:

  • Phone system – how are calls routed?
  • Was it easy to place an order: by phone, online?
  • Were the order receipts branded ?
  • How did the email system work ?

    Website sales funnel generates leads

B2B Sales Process and Lead Management

In a B2B SALES PROCESS the steps of receiving, qualifying, routing and closing sales leads must occur over time. Think about the life of a lead. What do you do with that lead once its received? How do you integrate the information from that lead into your CRM system? How do you qualify it? When is the lead sent to sales for a phone contact? What do you do with it if it’s not ready for sales? Without a detailed sales process to address these questions, sales and marketing will be challenged every step of the way.

A sound Sales Process has the following characteristics:

  • Focus on Quality of Leads, Not Just Quantity
  • An effective lead management process will assign "readiness" of leads that are generated.
  • It is about Engaging the potential customer at various stages in their buying decision process.

Your website supports your Marketing StrategyCompanies that implement lead management as part of their sales process will achieve, and be able to measure…

  • Higher marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Higher conversion rates of their prospects
  • An increased return on their marketing and sales investments
The Internet and your website support your sales process. A website automates part of the Lead generation and conversion processes. But first and formost, a solid Business and Marketing strategy are necessary. Location Traffic can work with you to ensure your Internet Marketing Strategy, and website support your Business Strategy. At Location Traffic an Internet Marketing Consultant will work with you to priortize the steps.
Posted: 3/5/2012 4:42:29 PM by Shep Morrow