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Retail Marketing online: Branding your community

Whether you have one location or a national chain, a clear, recognizable brand is a powerful asset for retail businesses.

Some businesses make the mistake of sending an inconsistent or disorganized message that makes recalling your company more difficult. Without a clear, unified brand strategy, you will have a hard time leveraging positive customer interactions to grow your business, even if you’re delivering higher quality products or services than competitors.

During every stage of the buying process, you want your customers to connect with your business on an emotional level. Your goal is to build a relationship with them that extends beyond a single purchase.

Develop your brand. The first step is actually defining who you are as a company. Many businesses start the process by writing their mission statement. Even if you don’t share this directly with consumers, it can help inform all aspects of brand development. From here, you need to design a scalable logo, select brand colors, and define your voice. In this stage, it’s crucial to make use of the data you’ve gathered about your target customers. Your brand should speak directly to them and their needs.

Identify all customer touchpoints. Every instance your customers connect with your brand is an opportunity to strengthen your recognition and reach. Some examples of customer touchpoints include your website, blog, social networks, transaction emails, call center, newsletter, brochures, product delivery, and of course, all aspects of a physical storefront.

Any item that your customer walks away from your physical location is also an opportunity for them to take a piece of your brand with them, such as their receipt, plastic bag, product packaging, coupons, or other giveaways. Don’t overlook even small ways that you can maintain your connection with them after they’ve left your physical location.

Incorporate consistent brand messaging. Now that you’ve defined your brand and located the areas where your customers can interact with it, you need to put together a strategy for implementation. Working with a marketing expert can help you identify the most cost-effective areas to tackle first for a better ROI.

Take your message into the community. Now that you’ve established a strong brand, it becomes easier for people to recognize your business’s efforts in the community. Sponsoring events, supporting a local sport teams, or making monetary and product donations can all help elevate your brand from just a business to an integral part of the community, which can help cement customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Posted: 3/10/2014 5:29:56 PM by Shep Morrow