Case Study: Bicycle Shop

Increasing Sales with Location Traffic

When Ross Hart first launched his Web site in 1998, he really wasn’t that interested in the Internet – he just had a local student create a page for him because everyone else was doing it. His bike shop, Hart’s Cyclery, was doing well; and he was enjoying being a hands-on owner. Considering himself as “just a bike guy” above all else, Ross’s top priority was individualized customer service, making sure that customers felt welcome, comfortable with the advice they got at Hart’s, and pleased with their purchases.

This commitment to personal service has not changed in more than 20 years at Hart’s – but the way the store advertises to local customers certainly has. Let’s take a look at how Hart’s Cyclery, working with Shepard Morrow at Location Traffic, has evolved into a more efficient, marketing-driven business – with sales increases of more than 30% to show for its new Internet marketing strategy. (Download Case study Here...)

Posted: 5/24/2011 3:39:51 PM by Shep Morrow