As an Internet Marketing Consultant often I have heard a business owner say:

“I had a friend’s son, or a brother in law, design our website.

NOW I want you to do some SEO, so we get more visitors. Just do the SEO; I do not need any SEO marketing monthly. All I want is for my site to show up when people search for my product or service."

With Google’s dominance in search,
    their rules for how pages display,
        the increasing importance of directories and the growth of social media,
            the complexity of online marketing channels and
                building a web presence has increased.

A content strategy and site architecture that relies on competitor and keyword research will increase site rankings, on page SEO should always be part of the website design process… 

And this is just the beginning. Showing up when people search for you, or your products, is the “traffic” part of the SEO equation. There is more to using Internet Marketing to help improve a business:

Most business situations have some similarities, most owner perspectives are unique.

We are not web designers. We are experienced Online Marketing Consultants, with a passion for improving business revenues and the customer focus of the companies and executives we work for.

Posted: 5/15/2011 5:47:15 PM by Shep Morrow