Making the connection between an Owner Operator and their Business

Where we diverge from most Internet Marketing companies is our special understanding of businesses that are closely held companies, most often Owner Operator managed. We have found that these businesses gain thier very identity from the stregnth of the personna projected by the individual running the operation. It is his, or her, unique personnality that customers have related to over time, and it is critical in transitioning the business into the digital age to fully capture that personna, or embellish on it, as part of the communication of the Brand.

In fact, this process often leads to some very signifigant transitions for the owner. As they begin to externalize their concept of Brand/Business they find themselves freed to work on their business and not in their business. This can be a liberating transition, and often leads to clearer focus on revenue growth, profitability, and even exit strategy.

How does the process begin?

In increasing numbers, consumers are searching for and engaging with local businesses by using the internet. Both on a cell phone while already out shopping, or from a desktop while researching products and stores, consumers are using digital media in place of phone books to locate local businesses. Location Traffic can provide everything a business needs to optimize a Web Presence and get found online.

We consult with you to create and execute the perfect Web Presence strategy for you, and your business. Our general steps look something like below:

  • Set up your social profiles, online directories, and a custom web site that serves as your content hub

  • Develop a Content Strategy that drives the unique content we create about your business across the Web

  • Listen for mentions, comments, and reviews of your business and engage with consumers.

  • Utilize analytics data from consumer response to develop new content and engagement tactics

Integrating the Owner Operators professional network

Once the initial layers of the existing business information are in place, we are often asked how to integrate the owner’s professional network with the content hub that has been created. This is especially relevant for B to B type organizations, or companies that rely on professional credentialing for referrals. At this point Location Traffic reviews the individual’s web presence (online reputation), and creates a plan to update, and integrate relevant social platforms. Our process may involve developing a set of unique statements for the individual, creating or modifying a part of their business web site, to re-writing a resume. We then distribute this communication message, over time, to multiple platforms as a way of projecting the business’s persona and substantiating creditability.

Posted: 5/14/2011 1:46:39 PM by Shep Morrow