Google Makes major changes to Maps and Organic search.

The concept and workings of Search are dramatically changing with Google's integration of Maps, and Organic search. The shift is seismic, as now a business is being found by a searcher, Google's algorithims have changed. Information is served up to you as you type, based on things like your location, your behavior, your intent, your social networks, you. Search is about making your experience more personal and relevant, and it will only continue to do so. Place search is catering to intent, declaring local businesses winners for location-based queries.

If your business has achieved top ranking in non-local organic search results - but has done little with Google Places Pages - you could be in for a surprise.

Google Places optimization has evolved into a major part of our Local Search and SEO services.

What is your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Local Business on the Map with Google 

Our advice:
  • Place Search requires local business to build out Google Place Pages.
  • Manage Directory presence, build links and focus on social medai tactics.
  • Consistency of location information impacts rank.
  • Consider geo-targeted paid search ads. These become more important.
  • SEO becomes more important. One algorithm for Local and Organic Search results.
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Posted: 9/22/2010 4:13:25 PM by Shep Morrow