Internet Marketing: Retail Marketing Makeovers

Internet Marketing: Marketing Makeover

If your Retail business isn’t growing, let Location Traffic help you turn it around by reconnecting you with your customers with a Retail Marketing Makeover. Call us for a free consultation.

Does this sound Familiar?

Is your business suffering from too many consultants all telling you different things about what to do to use the internet as a marketing channel?

Retail marketing Online: Marketing MakeoverHere is an example of too many "consultants": one consultant doing SEO that was only doing link building, a marketing firm that is advising on branding strategies in broad generalities but not spelling out specific tactics, a web developer that is over promising and not delivering, and a video production company that insists videos will create traffic and engagement.

When we first spoke with one prospective client they knew only that what all the consultants were telling her sounded redundant and that she didn't know who to believe because none of it was working. What was missing was someone who could step back, determine why things were not working, and prioritize the steps needed to help generate more leads and convert those leads from the internet. Their website and the developer itself were part of the problem, but as you can imagine management at the company also needed to be setting a clearer direction. The different vendors were each selling services that they could provide for traffic or engagement, regardless of the company being in a position to benefit.

Maketing Makeover

Do you have a well-established Retail business that’s survived years, or maybe even decades, in your area but has stagnated or even declined recently?

At Location Traffic, we often work with businesses that deliver great services to their clients and have developed a good reputation in their community, but they fail to see growth because they haven’t kept up with changes in their client needs over time, particularly those due to changes in technology, such as the recent shift to mobile devices. This leaves an opportunity for competitors who may more effectively communicate their brand through internet marketing.

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Posted: 9/30/2014 9:43:04 AM by Shep Morrow