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Location Traffic is an Internet Marketing and Business consulting Agency that works with Retailers and Real estate companies on customer acquisition and customer retention. Our approach differs from some Internet companies, in that we see the Internet as a strategic opportunity to help businesses engage with consumers and meet their needs rapidly, and in so doing so overtake competitors that are more focused on 3-5 year business plans. Contact Us.

While many new technologies have merit, true digital transformation starts with the basics: a well-defined strategy rooted in a firm understanding of consumer needs, a map of critical touchpoints, and an organizational commitment to adaptation.
Learn about Marketing Makeovers: How we use the Internet in a Company Turnaround

Online-only retailers have built their businesses around digital (and increasingly around mobile) technologies. But the click-and-mortar approach has its own ace to play—the power and reach of omnichannel interaction.

Consumers still can’t touch, hold, try on, or taste a product online. The Internet cannot provide the immediate gratification of instant ownership, or the experiential mystique of retail as theater. There are major opportunities for retailers to rethink category management—including promotion, pricing, distribution, advertising, and point of sale—for an omnichannel world. While every strategy is unique to the business it drives, we see a series of factors that all retailers need to consider. Here are some specifics about retail marketing makeovers.
Posted: 7/3/2015 3:39:46 PM by Shep Morrow