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Location Traffic is an internet marketing and business consulting company based in New Jersey. We specialize in helping local retail and service businesses assess their business objectives and create Local Search Marketing campaigns that produce results.

With the right strategy, your business’s online presence can provide automated lead generation. We’ll show you how to use your website and other internet marketing tools to learn more about your customers and their needs. You can connect with more prospects and convert the leads more efficiently while cutting operational expenses.

Unlike many other internet marketing agencies, we don’t provide cookie-cutter packages. Instead, we take the time to understand the ins and outs of the businesses we work with. We then customize a marketing program specifically to your needs, so your resources are focused on only the most effective tactics and methods for your target demographic.

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About Shepard Morrow

Shepard Morrow heads up the marketing company and business consulting group, Location Traffic.

With twenty years of experience in the internet space, he has a unique and out-of-the-box approach to internet audience aggregation and sales process improvement. His experience includes running several businesses firsthand as well as consulting and developing marketing solutions for numerous retail and service businesses, both on a B2C and B2B level. He specializes in utilizing the internet as a primary marketing tool to achieve cost-savings and improved customer targeting.

Shepard works closely with entrepreneurs and owner-operators to develop effective internet strategies that drive sustainable growth. His goal is to enable you to have more time to work on your business, not in your business.

"Most business situations share similarities. Most owner perspectives are unique.”
- Shepard Morrow

Shepard Morrow’s Background

Shepard brings to the table a unique convergence of internet marketing knowledge with hands-on experience running a business. He helps business owners to structure or re-structure solid relationships between customers, cash flow, operational efficiencies, and marketing decisions.

Drawn to marketing and systems planning after participating in IBM-sponsored training in 1975, he developed a passion for conceptualizing business strategies and applying digital technology for bottom line results. From early work experience running a family-owned business, Shepard gained a working knowledge of manufacturing, operations, marketing, and management best practices.

After selling the family business, he traveled across the country consulting with companies (many in the technology sector) to secure first and second round financing and to create marketing strategies in order to take their businesses to the next level.

Shepard has followed the evolution of internet marketing since the early days of the internet and the dotcom bubble. Through developing effective marketing solutions as well as conferences in interactive marketing, he became a thought leader on the power of the internet as a marketing channel.

In addition to consulting, Shepard has owned Tapestry Books, an adoption education and resource e-commerce site, since 2006. In less than three years, he built this company into a highly profitable business.

By applying his knowledge of current marketing strategies, Shepard Morrow shows entrepreneurs and business owners how to make informed business and product strategy decisions from interacting with the online customer and engaging in SEO and other proven tactics to increase sales.

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