marketing makeovers: "what do you charge?"

Thanks for asking!

1. I quote for value, not for time, or a specific task.
You’re paying me to deliver a solid return, for my experience to get results and save you time and money – NOT for the time I spent doing research for you, analyzing the data and formulating a strategy, getting your business listed in directories, or hunched over a keyboard to get you that outcome.

2. I quote a project-specific rate that shows you exactly what I’m going to deliver.

3.  My minimum engagement rate is $1,500/month for 6 months.
That’s not a quote, just a starting point to keep in mind. You should realize increases in site traffic within 90 days, and depending on your sales cycle, increases in leads and sales following the 90 days. Most of my clients get exponential sales increases, not incremental, but it takes time.

So, if your top priority is “cheap,” I’m not your guy.

If you’re interested in massively effective marketing results as an outcome of a collaborative strategic dialogue, you’re going to love working with me.

  • I work to mentor your internal staff to handle what they can, and to advise management on progress or discuss new opportunities.
  • I follow a process – you know exactly what to expect.
  • I am persistent to test and adjust till results are optimized.
  • I check in without being asked to – you always know where we’re at.
  • I know what it takes to sell – you get more customers (which is why you’re really hiring me).

Some other stuff you’ll probably find useful:

  • A deposit is required for every project, in advance of research or brainstorming HOW.
  • If what you really want is a situation analysis, I can do a Marketing Assessment, for a fee.
  • Your deposit effectively holds your spot in my schedule. If you cancel within one week of kickoff, I’ll refund half of your deposit.
  • Deposits are either 2 months upfront or on a milestone basis for larger projects.
  • I’m a businessman (have owned and run companies) with extensive operating and marketing experience.
  • I’m all about sales growth, growth strategies, and my rate and process both reflect that.
  • My background is in a field where outcomes matter – business. My job is to help you make money and get more customers.
  • I know digital marketing inside and out, so I know how to research your audience, identify opportunities, generate leads, convert leads, and design entire sales funnels to put more money in your pocket.
  • Whether we’re talking business goals or strategy, we’ll be on the same page.