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Increasingly, marketing a business online is the key to finding new leads and keeping existing customers coming back.

When looking for a local business in their area, more and more consumers head to the search engines as their first resource. In fact, 59% of consumers use Google every month to find a local business, and 43% of all Google searches have a local intent.

As a result, many traditional means of business marketing are losing their effectiveness, while those focusing on how to market your business online find increasing success. Start with getting your Local Business Listed online in all directories.

Why Business MARKETING Online?

A strong strategy for marketing a business online translates to increased visibility, customers, and sales, particularly for retailers, local service providers, and real estate offices.

When a consumer performs a search for a business, Google will deliver information about that type of business in their local area automatically. In most cases, the top half of the page will showcase only PPC ads and Local Maps Listings. And the businesses featured in these links will take away the majority of clicks from consumers.

For businesses that aren’t listed here, it can mean being completely overlooked – even if you offer better services at a more competitive price. After all, if customers can’t find you, they don’t even have the opportunity to compare what you offer.

How to Market Your Business Online: LOcal SEO

To successfully market a business online, you must first transform your marketing ideas into a plan that focuses on delivering website traffic which will convert into foot traffic at your physical location. But how do you engage in effective marketing with limited resources? Hire Location Traffic, an marketing company with the experience and know-how to guide you to page-one results.

While we employ a range of services in Local SEO to help you achieve your specific goals, the key marketing services we provide to make a difference for you include:

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization: Landing Pages
For business website design, it’s crucial to keep search page optimization in mind during development. SEO for businesses means developing landing pages with effective and relevant keywords, strong calls-to-action, and supporting images and links.

The search engine optimization industry is a complex and fast-moving one as Google, other engines, and listing directories continually adjust their requirements, recommendations, and features. To help you stay at the top of search results, we follow all the latest changes.

  • Business Listings: NAP - name, address, phone
Search engines don’t just look at your website; they also check off-site factors when verifying your small business information and determining search rank.  That’s why it’s crucial to have other sites linking back to your business website to confirm the correct NAP (name, address, and phone number profile). Each of these links, if done properly, is a “vote” in Google’s eyes. From there, you can also garner more points by building up links on social media and other third-party websites. Get Listed in Google Business, and build citations.

Don’t let bad data, false reviews, and unverified directory listings plague your small business, ruining customer experiences or driving them to an incorrect location. We’ll ensure your small business is developing trust and authority with search engines by ensuring your directory listings are all accurate, verified or claimed, optimized, and responsive.

  • Map Listings for Businesses
If your business has a physical location, then it’s crucial to ensure that you’re listed in every possible search engine and map site with the correct address and GPS coordinates.  

Even if you haven’t changed addresses since opening, you may be surprised by how often search engines get it wrong or overlook your location entirely – and how dramatically that can hurt your small business. Let us help ensure you can be found.

  • HTML Markup  
Beneath the words and images you see in a business website design, there is “invisible” information specifically there for search engines to read. These rich snippets can help your business to stand out, providing extra information in search results that gets your content noticed above the competition’s.

There are a wide variety of rich snippets you can incorporate – such as information about products, reviews, events, and even people. At Location Traffic, we’ll markup your HTML for search engines and test it to ensure it’s appearing as it should be.

Drive traffic to your location with Location Traffic.

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