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  • Retail Marketing Online97% of people start their search for local retail businesses online.
  • 90% use search engines to do so.
Want your retail business to grow? You need a local online retail  marketing strategy. You need your business near the top of the search results.


A Cost-Effective Way to Attract Retail Customers
Expand your audience. Reach your qualified buyers. Convert those leads into sales.
  • A local online retail marketing campaign can:
  • Make it easier for potential customers to find you
  • Bring people already interested in your products to your store
  • Attract people to your retail location from outside of your normal marketing radius
  • Encourage sales because you’re seen as trustworthy
  • Tap into more ways to reach your target customer
Don’t just drive more visitors to your site. Reach the audience most likely to convert into sales.

An online marketing campaign

Here’s how local search marketing can impact a retail business.

A shoe store has a loyal customer base – but their sales are stagnant. They aren’t reaching new customers.

They create a local search listings in business directories and on review sites as a first step to retail marketing online. People already interested in buying shoes now have a new way to learn about the store.

But how do they convince those people to shop at their store instead of the other shoe stores listed on that directory? Tap into that existing loyal customer base. They run promotions to encourage their current customers to write reviews, “like” them on social media, and so on.

Suddenly, the store is busy with people, many traveling longer distances than ever before to visit the store because of the good things they’ve read.

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local search marketing for retail storesHOW TO USE ONLINE MARKETING FOR RETAIL

Years ago, when people wanted to find a particular product, they would turn to the phone book. Today, their “phone books” are search engines, business directories, and review sites.

Local search marketing will ensure that your business website is prominently placed in front of potential customers with tools such as:
Business listing optimization.
Ensure people know your business exists with a strong digital footprint.
Map optimization.
Make it easy for people to see your locations and get directions.
Local search optimization.
Attract local searchers seeking what you offer with geographic and product-specific keywords.
Local online advertising.
Optimize PPC and social ad campaigns to target your specific audience.
Customer reviews.
 80% trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends.
Product feeds.
Submit your products to search engines, comparison shopping sites, and more.
Bolster your search rank and keep people on your site with high-quality content.
Email marketing.
Stay in contact and keep your audience engaged with helpful, relevant information.

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At Location Traffic, we deliver results.
  • Shoppers travel from surrounding towns for a retail offer matching their need.
  • Special promotions attract visitors from 45 minutes away.
  • Visitors don’t just make a one-time purchase; they become loyal customers.
  • You build an email list to continue to promote new offers.
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