Service Business Marketing

Service Business Marketing OnlineIf you own a local service-based business, like a roofing company, home contractor, or a testing lab, you might not think that marketing your company online is worth it.

How can the internet help you if you don’t offer any goods that can be sold online? The people and businesses that use your services do so because they know you’re good at what you do, and most of them found you because a friend referred them. Can the internet do that?

Actually, yes it can.

How to Use Online Marketing for Service Businesses

Service business marketing succeeds when it can bring in the right kind of clients and offer those people an experience that makes it worth their while to keep coming back.

Word-of-mouth is what has traditionally kept service businesses going, so your goal in marketing your company online should be to replicate that experience.

How? By optimizing for local search – including putting listings on local directory and review sites.

The Benefits of Marketing Your Service Business Online

Doing this will help you in several different ways.

  • Your business will show up higher in search results. 97% of consumers search for local services online, and 75% don’t scroll past the first page. Get noticed.

  • Customers can review you. Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth – with a much larger audience. Get positive reviews on the right sites, and you’ll see results.

  • The right people will find you. Because they found you based on keywords, there’s a higher likelihood that they’re interested in your services.

  • Improve B2B sales. Today, businesses do more research, not less, when hiring a vendor. With the right online marketing, you can convince them that your service business is the right fit.

  • Save time and money. Internet marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing with the right professional on your side.

How Does This Work in the Real World?

Let’s look at a commercial cleaning company that primarily works with office spaces.

In the past, they’d found most of their work by listing themselves in the Yellow Pages and receiving good word-of-mouth, but also engaged in tactics like listing ads and passing out flyers. Recently, though, this hasn’t been working as well.

Because of this, the owner decides to invest in internet marketing. He opts for local optimization, including placing the business on a number of directory sites – essentially, he replaces the Yellow Pages.

This helps more potential clients to find them and leads to a small uptick in business. But the real sales jump occurs after they start encouraging clients to post positive reviews on the directory sites.

He also reaches business owners where they’re already spending time on line – through LinkedIn.

The combination of awareness and endorsements from reputable sources was just what they needed to convince new office spaces to contact them and try their services.

Even better, they were able to save time and money by cutting back on marketing methods that just weren’t working.

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