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Marketing Makeovers: how to increase sales in a business turnaround



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HOW TO INCREASE SALES in A business turnaround

Do you have a well-established business that’s survived years, or maybe even decades in your area, but sales have stagnated or even declined recently?

what are Marketing Makeovers ?

Our Marketing Makeovers aim to reconnect what your business does with what your audience wants. This means assessing your current marketing strategies, better understanding your target customers and their needs, and looking at how your brand is communicated.

"MARKETING MAKEOVERS increase sales by aligning customer expectations & business resources."

do you recognize the need for changes ?

Any situation can only truly be "fixed" after a business owner acknowledges there is a problem and works with a trusted advisor or a marketing consultant to make changes.

At Location Traffic, we often work with businesses that deliver great services to their clients and have developed a good reputation in their community, but they fail to see sales growth because they haven’t kept up with changes in their client needs over time, particularly those due to changes in technology, such as the recent shift to mobile devices. This leaves an opportunity for competitors who may more effectively communicate their brand through internet marketing.

The sooner you institute changes, the more likely a successful turnaround will be.

What Causes sales to stagnate or decline in a retail store ?

It’s likely you have NOT…
  • Kept up with changes in client needs over time
  • Adapted to changes in technology
  • Kept up with offerings and innovations from competitors
  • Allocated a portion of your budget for marketing to find new customers
  • Focused on your retail brand
  • Purchased merchandise with a customer focus
  • Addressed problems caused by disintermediation

Learn More about How Makeovers work in a Business Turnaround :
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Turnaround Planning: Developing a Growth Strategy

The Assessment is the first step: Over several visits, we’ll gather information from you about your business as it exists today and do competitive research to build a short term plan for a business turnaround strategy. We will address immediate marketing fixes and budget considerations to see what works and we will gather a short term team. Together, we’ll define ways that Location Traffic can:

marketing makeovers: growth strategy for increasing sales
Increase Sales & Profit
See quick, short-term results. Plan for long-term growth.

Marketing Makeovers: Build Brand Awareness
Build Brand Awareness.
Create a value proposition to help attract new customers.

marketing Makeovers: Focus on the customer is how to get sales increases
Create Customer Loyalty
Make a lasting impression.
Build customer retention.

To be more effective, all efforts – both online and offline – must work together to communicate a consistent, relevant, and accurate brand message to the right target audience, and the products and services provided by your company must deliver on that message.

Make sales growth part of your marketing results Are you ready to grow your business?
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