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As the owner of a business looking for outside help, you’d naturally “shop around” to compare pricing, and assess levels of experience and expertise.You can’t be whisked away by promises and simple explanations of tactics. But you might ask yourself "why hire a consultant, can't an internet agency just do the work ?".

At Location Traffic a Marketing Consultant is a professional that has experience assessing business situations, developing strategies around a customer focus, and working with company owners to implement the necessary changes to profitably grow a business.

A plan needs to be developed, and implemented: the planning sets the direction for the activities of how to market and advertise a business. Past that to get signifigant results probably requires making operational changes to the way the business is managed. It is a consulting approach, a dialogue process, that will enable a business owner to understand the gap between where they are and where they want to take the business, and prioritize the changes needed.

It is more than just an Internet Marketing plan that brings about the exponential results we look for. To get that we also look at how a business delivers on meeting customer needs, and over a period of time work with the business to focus its Operations.

The consulting, at the start of a project, is where we work with the owner to develop a strategy based on refocusing their business through the eyes of what the customer values.


Our experience is working with Business owners and Entrepreneurs to accelerate growth through Marketing Makeovers. We know that the Internet can be a catalyst for change, and that to get the full benefit from any change initiative requires a  Consultant that can work with you to focus on all the areas affected when shifting to a customer centric focus.

Planning and execution are key for a business looking to make big moves toward increasing conversions and overall visibility.

How does our marketing consulting help build a business?

Stop just staying above water. Start fixing the business today
  • A laser focus on performance: we use realistic metrics to to gauge success.
  • Operational expertise to execute: we have experience working with resistance and moving the needle.
  • Cross-channel thinking: we understand building a retail brand on line and offline.
  • A unique process to rapidly deploy a Strategy: we build engagement from the bottom up.
  • Customer experience design: we think how best to engage the customer at various touchpoints.

Project Management

Project Management : a Marketing Consultant will focus on priorities
A consultant can help keep your business on track for increasing sales and Brand visibility.
Marketing Audit

Research: Internet Marketing Consulting starts with competitor research
Marketing Tactics vary for each company. Research is required to know where to focus resources.
Strategy Development

Strategy: a NJ Internet Marketing Consultant develops an online strategy for your business
A good strategy is the key to a successful campaign. How each piece works together is crucial.
Planning and Execution

Plan: Our Marketing Consulting involves planning both internet and operational changes
Marketing Plans
require both an internet and operational element to get exponential results

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