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Retail Marketing Makeover: Retail Store Customer Journey

a Retail Marketing Makeover can get results.

Marketing Assessment: Carefully exploring what a business is doing right and wrong to win customer dollars is critical to knowing what to change and how to prioritize the ROI of new tactics. The retail landscape is changing rapidly driven by consumers that are becoming far more informed, and product choices proliferating rapidly. Technological advances are contributing to new flows of information, knowledge, and resources.

Amid all this change, the retail value chain is unbundling. To compete effectively, traditional retailers should reimagine how they create and capture value, and find the best uses for, their assets.

To effectively scale new business models, established retailers should pursue “small moves, smartly made” - testing, scaling, and incorporating the most successful ideas as foundations for their evolving businesses.
  • Competitor Analysis, Keyword Strategy
  • SEO Audit: review of Google Analytics, site Meta Tags, and Ranking Keywords
  • Local SEO, and Landing Pages
Brand Review: How your brand is communicated through everything from your website, social media, employees, street signage, business cards, brochures, and even your physical store layout.

Target Customer Profile: Data mining customer lists for Lifestyle Profile of Best customers remains a growth opportunity for retailers.
Operational Audit: A coherent business model can potentially make the most efficient use of a company’s resources, attention, and time. By allocating capital and expenses more deliberately and effectively, companies focus more on the capabilities that can create differentiation and enable them to win in the market. How do you create a coherent business model? Consider one of three dominant business model types: Operational Excellence, Product/Brand Leadership, or Customer Solutions. Develop a set of critical and distinctive capabilities that work together as part of a self-reinforcing business model.
  • POS and inventory management
  • Review sales, expenses
  • Organization structure
Prioritize a Plan:  Customers, not goods, will be the focus of the modern retailer. Nimble organizations that can react quickly to create a better, seamless customer experience will likely drive customer lifetime value and win the future of retail. “What can you do to be aligned with lifestyle goals?” Retailers can surround customers with an entire ecosystem of products, services, and partnerships that bring experience and loyalty to a new level.
  • Social Media engagement
  • Events
  • Email marketing
Consider Staffing/Outsourcing

Provide Management of Improvements as needed

One of the bigger issues facing retail store management is understanding why their digital marketing campaigns are not significantly impacting their instore brick and mortar retail locations. Are you ready to get started?
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