Marketing Services

drive traffic to your location
with location traffic

Location Traffic takes a creative approach to online marketing, helping you develop a unique online presence for your business while also generating leads and sales. We work closely with business owners to develop a successful online marketing strategy using many different techniques and tools.

We’ll help you determine those that will work best for your specific audience, and then analyze and optimize them to ensure you’re achieving the ROI you need.

Marketing Makeovers

Our Marketing Makeovers aim to reconnect what your business does with what your audience wants. This means assessing your entire current marketing strategy, better understanding your target customers and their needs, and looking at how your brand is communicated through everything from your website, social media, employees, street signage, business cards, brochures, and even your physical store layout.

Marketing Small Business Online

To successfully market a small business online, you must first transform your marketing ideas into a plan that focuses on delivering website traffic which will convert into foot traffic at your physical location.

Local Search

Local searches are taking over Google. You can take over your competition now – and over the long-term – by creating a strong Local Search Marketing presence today. This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do in marketing a small business online.

Business Listings

Marketing through local search is a cost-effective strategy that drives results. But for success, it requires implementation by a professional. Continual management of your local listings ensures that your positive reputation is upheld and that more leads convert into sales.

Search Engine Marketing

Simply put, search engine marketing is the process of earning traffic to your company’s website through either organic or paid search listings. Search engine marketing is a broad term that typically can be broken down to two different pieces: search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll analyze your business objectives and help you determine if marketing through social media is the right fit. If so, we’ll tailor a targeted social media marketing strategy for your customers and prospects.

Local Business Website Design

An effective local business website design can earn website traffic that quickly converts to foot traffic from local customers at your business’s brick-and-mortar location. But optimizing your web page design for local SEO can be tricky, as the search engine optimization industry is a fast-moving and often complicated one. Search engines are constantly adjusting their requirements, recommendations, and features.

Landing Page Optimization

Increase your conversion rate. Make it easy and convenient for leads to get from an online ad to a purchasing option, and you’ll see an improvement in your conversion rate.

Local Online Advertising

Increasingly, the effectiveness of these forms of traditional marketing is declining – and online marketing is taking its place.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a much more effective way to engage with customers and clients because most consumers have near-constant access to their email inbox. They rely on it for news and other important updates.