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What to Expect when you sign up to Get Listed:
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Your account manager will set up an initial call to collect your information.
For this meeting we send a questionnaire, please be ready to provide:
  • Basic information about your store/business/practice, including name, address, phone number, website, email, office hours, payments accepted, social media accounts, and any photos you'd like to add to your listings
  • Bios and photos of your staff
  • Specific services/specialties/products you'd like to showcase.

After the meeting, we will:
  • Match, sync, and lock your listings across our network of over 60 sites and apps. We will also create listings for you if you're missing from any of our publishers.
  • Push your staff bios, products and other content you'd like to add, like services or specialties, to your listings.
  • Directory sites to get listed in Create a map marker on your listings to show clients where to park, which is important if you’re based in a large office building.
  • Link your featured message to a Schedule an Appointment page, or promote special offers. We can also update that featured message anytime, so let your account manager know about any upcoming events or services you'd like to highlight.
  • Detect and suppress any duplicate listings across our network.

Moving forward, we will show you how potential clients find your practice with our exclusive tracking technology and analytics. That includes:
  • How often you appear in our publishers search results
  • How often your listings are viewed
  • How often your featured message is clicked
  • What search terms clients use to find your practice

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Internet advertising for Local businessHow does Local Search Marketing work?

  • When looking for a local business in their area, more and more consumers head to the search engines as their first resource. In fact, 59% of consumers use Google every month to find a local business, and 43% of all Google searches have a local intent.
  • 20% of searches include specific location-based keywords, most commonly a city or town name. The remaining 23% of searches with a local intent rely on Google to return local search results organically.

For instance, type just the word dentist into Google, and you'll find that the search engine brings up information about dentists in your local area automatically.

When a local search is triggered through either type of search, it dominates that crucial first page of search results. In most cases, the top half of the page will showcase only PPC ads and Local Maps Listings. And it is these featured links that will take away the most clicks from consumers.   

For businesses that aren't listed here, it can mean being completely overlooked – even if you offer better services at a more competitive price. After all, if customers can’t find you, they don’t even have the opportunity to compare what you offer.

For location based businesses such as retailers with stores, service businesses covering a reachable geography, or real estate offices, having an optimized local search marketing strategy translates to an increase in visibility, customers, and sales.
Bad data, false reviews, and unverified listings can also plague your business, ruining customer experiences or driving them to an incorrect location. Continual management of your local business listings online ensures that your positive reputation is upheld and that more leads convert into sales.

free scan: see how your business is listed

Why Business Listings matter

"Incorrect or incomplete information online causes small businesses to lose potential customers at a cost of $10 billion per year." Screenwerk, study commissioned by Yext, 2013 “It actually does matter to have the exact same name, address, and phone number listed on every possible digital directory and map. Even if they don’t seem like a problem to you, inconsistent citations can seriously confuse search engines and hurt your SEO.” “To solve the problem, we can help you get listed everywhere, correct listings with bad data, and control how your business shows up everywhere online.”
73% of consumers lose trust in a local business when they find incorrect information about that business online2 58% of consumers are more likely to
tell others about their customer service experiences than they were 5 years ago
“Your listings on sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages may be the only interaction a potential client has with you before he or she chooses you.”
“You can also add rich content like your logo, staff bios, photos, and hours of operation.” “We also give you access to customer reviews, analytics to track your listings’ performance, and social posting on Facebook, Foursquare, and Google+.” “It’s not just about correcting wrong information. You can also get a clickable featured message, which you can use to highlight special offers or updates, up on
every one of your listings.”
“Consumers who search online for local home services show high purchase intent, and likely need repairs now or are planning a home improvement.”


Why is there a recurring fee? Can’t I just fix this once?
There’s actually no permanent record when it comes to online listings. The only way to ensure your listings are correct is to continually control them through our platform. There are tons of sites out there, and each has its own database and method of compiling data. When you work with us, we lock your listings and ensure these directories don’t overwrite your listings with data from any other sources. The recurring fee signals to publishers that your listing is live and active. It also allows you to continue using our real-time solution to update enhanced content like special offers, menus, products & services, bios, and reviews — which you couldn’t do manually on most sites.

What happens if I cancel?
The lock on your listings will be released. Each publisher will regain control of your listing on their site, and your data will be subject to their changes. Your enhanced content — like photos, videos, products, menus, bios, business hours, and special offers — will be removed when the lock is released.

Is there a cheaper solution?
Other vendors, including data aggregators, will submit your data to sites across the web — but this does not guarantee those sites will use it! Only our platform gives you true control of your digital presence. When sites do accept submitted data, it can often take months to update. Only our platform allows you to update your listings in real time. Aggregators only submit the most basic data, and don’t send rich content like photos, videos, menus, product lists, staff bios, or event calendars. They can’t fix all duplicate listings, which leaves you at major SEO risk. They also can’t get feedback on the status of a listing, which means you’ll never know how your digital presence is performing.

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